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Lynette Kennedy Teddy Bear Artist


Not having a Teddy Bear as a child, having had a Doll, I decided after selling my Craft business of over 10 years to investigate the world of Teddy Bears. Being new to this field, while visiting a shop at the Waterfront, Cape Town , I was shocked when the owner of the shop told me the price of the mohair Teddy Bear I held in my hands. I then learnt the difference between mohair and synthetic materials

Today, I have been making and collecting Teddy Bears, for 30 years, and have traveled to the West and the East, displaying and selling my work. My Bears has won several International awards. 
I am the International representative for Taiwan and am honored to have been helping them for the past 15 years with both their show and International bear competition.
I also teach and judge Teddy Bears Internationally and Locally.

Yorkie 003 Copy

Fred-I-Bears are hand  sewed, using the finest mohair, are fully- jointed using either hardboard disks with nuts or disks and cotter pins, they can be tall and they can be small. No bears are ever alike although some might be similar to one another as they do come from the same family, and there are the odd sets of twins. My work is now  sold at exhibitions and the Bear Shop in the UK. From time to time, I will sell in my shop.

Lynette 2
All bodies are filled with poly fibre, and to add weight they are filled with glass beads or steal shot. Traditional bears are firmly stuffed while the contemporary ones are much floppier.

Both old wooden shoe-buttons and black shiny glass eyes are used in the range. All noses are embroidered using stranded cotton and are finished off with varnish or black wax to give the noses a “shiny wet look”, while air-brushing techniques are used to add dimension to the faces. Fred-I-Bears are either dressed or undressed. The only attention that Fred-I-Bears need is love and a warm home. From time to time they also like to send their “home mother” greetings and share their new surroundings and friends with her.
With my colleague in Taiwan, Yauh-Zeng Lin, we organized the Olympic Teddy bear games, to coincide with the official games. 2008 Beijing TBOC was a great success, and we are presently working on the 2012 London TBOC.

Guangzhou/China Exhibition 2 March 2019

Another good show with new Lynette Kennedy-Fred-i-Bears- being adopted. 

Bear 1
Bear 4
Bear 2
Bear 5
Bear 3
Bear 6